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TASF original baits "Yodogawa Winner" featuring a unique curved shape This "wiener shape" creates irregular dirt and falling. It is a salt-in high density body, and it is supposed to be used for back slide setting, free rig, etc. with a nail sinker inserted around a no sinker. Basic action is lift & fall, continuous twitch It is also effective to leave the bottom swaying in the water. Also, you can use it freely, such as producing a fish that escapes with the early winding of the surface layer. Please try to find your own setting and action. It has excellent skipping performance with a symmetric design with no unevenness on the surface. There is no doubt that it will be a weapon for capturing shades in the summer. Also, since there are no attached parts such as legs, even a no sinker can fly far away.


Tool Assist Super Fishing

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We collaborated with master-piece, one of Japan's leading bag brands, to create a bag specializing in fishing.

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